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October 16, 2012
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Author's Note:  This was wrote July 1st of 2012 by Colonel Sparkles. 


“Hahaha! That’s really funny…” America scratched his head, “Sorry, who are you again?”

“For the last time, America, I’m Canada!” the smaller country said, obviously very annoyed. “I’m your brother for maple syrup’s sake! Please try to remember my name from now on.” Canada began to quiver with anger.

“Haha, sorry bro. I keep forgetting!” America adjusted the collar of his bomber jacket before turning to exit the pre-conference hall.

“I can’t believe he forgot my name for the fifth time today!” Canada quietly fumed as soon as his brother left. He was interrupted in the midst of his rant by obnoxious America sticking his head back through the door.

“Hey! Bro! I completely forgot to tell you, but England said that there was going to be a new country at the conference tomorrow!” He smiled and rubbed his head again. England said that he would kill me with black magic if I forgot to tell you, so…. Haha…” America trailed off.

“Oh, okay America. Thanks!” America left again, leaving Canada on his own again. He sighed. “Great. Just one more person to forget who I am, right Kumashishi?”

“Who are you?” The little polar bear inquired.

“…… I give up.” Canada face desked.

The next day, Canada walked through the halls of the conference building slowly. He was early, as usual, not that anyone noticed, though. As he walked he noticed a girl, clutching a penguin close to her body. Her (e/c) eyes have it away that she was lost. She sighed as she pulled off a large coat and hat, revealing beautiful (h/c) hair. She seemed to have guessed the temperature of the building correctly, as she revealed to be wearing a T-shirt (with a cute penguin on it of course,) and skinny jeans. Canada’s jaw dropped in awe at the sheer beauty of the girl. He felt a blush creep across his face as he continued to look at her.

The girl suddenly noticed that Canada was looking at her and her face turned light pink. She put a smile on her face and cleared her throat as she skipped over to Canada.

“Hi, I’m (Y/n)!” she said cheerily. She then turned red in embarrassment. “Erm…. I mean, I’m Antarctica.”

   ~*(PoV change)*~

You shakily hold out your hand to the blond. He just stares at you in disbelief.

“Is something wrong?” you ask in confusion.

“Y-you…” he stutters, “Yo-you can see me?”

It was your turn to stare in confusion. “Of course I can see you, why wouldn’t I be able to?”

“It’s just that… usually people ignore me or can’t see me. It’s actually quite a feat that you can see me.” He blushes darkly.

“Oh, I see.” You return the blush. “Well! We can be best friends now! What’s your name?”

“I’m Matthew Williams…. Errr… I mean, I’m Canada.”

You and Canada walk down to the conference hall doors. You hear a collective gasp as you walk through the doors.

“Hey, dudes! Is that Antarctica?”

“She’s like, totally gorgeous!”

“She’s beautiful, aru~!”

“Oui, she is!”


“Stop staring, wanker!”

“Pretty little Antarctica should become one with me, da?”

“I wonder if she can play the piano….”


“Stop paying attention to her and pay attention to my new dress!”

“Kesesesese, she looks awesome!”


“Pretty, ve~”

“Hey, who is that standing next to her?”

That was the last straw.

“He’s Canada for frostbites’ sake!” you yell and link Canada’s arm with your own. You walk over through the now dead silence to two empty chair and sit down next to him.


“Well, that was a long and boring meeting.” You sigh.

Canada nods. You blush. How does anyone forget someone this adorable?!

“Umm,” you begin, “I’m really new around here, do you know any good coffee places around here?”

Canada’s face brightens immediately. “Yeah! My favorite one is just a block away!”

You two walk side by side to the coffee shop, getting into an in-depth conversation about ozone depletion and global warming. You barely realize that you are standing in front of a tiny coffee shop. You giggle because Canada has failed to notice that fact. You grab his hand and drag him into the place.

He blushes as you pull him towards a small table to sit down.

A large darker-skinned man walks up to you.

“Hiya. I’m the owner.” He looks up from his notepad. “Alfred! What do you think you’re doing here?!” he said angrily.

“I’m Matthew…” Canada says softly.

“Right… sorry Mattie.” The man looks apologetic. “Who is your lady friend?”

“Oh!” Canada seems to realize, “You weren’t at the meeting, so you wouldn’t know. This is (y/n).” He whispers something else into his friend’s ear.

“Oh, so you are Ant-“ He turns red. “I mean, (y/n).”

“Yep!” you chirp back.

Canada leans over to whisper to you, “This is Cuba, his human name is Marco.”

“Oh, I see,” you say.

“Ahem.” Marco clears his throat. “So, the usual for you and (y/n) then?”

Canada nods. Marco leaves and you and Canada make small talk.

A few minutes later, Marco brings back two steaming coffees that smell suspiciously like maple syrup.

He sets them down. “Enjoy, you two!”

You pick up a coffee and sip it cautiously. You stare at the coffee in shock. This is the most delicious coffee you’ve ever had!

Mattie notices your shock and smiles. “That’s why this place is my favorite!”


After you (reluctantly) let Canada pay for the coffee, you exit the shop.

“Thanks for the coffee,” you blush.

“Not a problem, (y/n),” he blushes back.

You draw close to him. His eyes look surprised, but he doesn’t back away.

You stretch onto your tiptoes and kiss Canada gently on the lips.

“Thanks again, Mattie!” you beam as you skip away happily, leaving Canada there in shock.

Canada breaks into a huge smile, strolling away happily with only one thought in his head.

Best. Birthday. Ever.
Wrote back in July. I changed my writing style to be in present-tense, but this was before then. Hetalia belongs to Himuyara, but you belong to me, no exceptions. (jkjk)

~~Colonel Sparkles
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